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The Holocaust Speakers’ Bureau offers teachers a unique opportunity to expand their students’ classroom experience when teaching about the Holocaust. The comments over the years of the invaluable input made by the speakers have borne this out.

Download Speaker's Bureau Flyer (PDF)

Bernadette D. Bennett, M. Ed., Curriculum Coordinator for the Sarasota County Schools has been most instructive and supportive of our program and has communicated to all Sarasota County Public School teachers the role we play in helping to fulfill the requirements of the Florida Legislative Mandate.

Obtaining a speaker is comparatively easy and requests are handled promptly.
Please Contact: Anne Stein, Speakers Bureau Coordinator.
Phone: 941-923-6470 or E-Mail

Upon receiving a teacher’s request for a speaker, we make our contacts with an appropriate speaker and clear the scheduled date. The teacher is informed who the speaker will be and then contacts the speaker and discusses pertinent details.

A rather large number of Holocaust survivors who reside in this community are willing to come into your classroom and give their eyewitness accounts of their Holocaust experience. Also, a group of second generation survivors vividly recount their parents’ story of survival.

Of great interest also to teachers as well as students are those speakers who were hidden children, those who were saved through the “Kindertransport”, resistance fighters, refugees, as well as World War II camp liberators.

All speakers are authentic to their respective experiences and feel a strong commitment to bring an awareness of the consequences that result when evil is allowed to flourish. We feel privileged and grateful to live in this wonderful country where voices such as ours are being heard.

The Holocaust Speakers Bureau welcomes inquiries and thanks the teachers for their efforts and dedication.

Speaker Request Form (PDF)


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