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Brief Story of Parents Experiences During WW II - Or “How They Managed to Out Run the Holocaust.”
Three Page Article by Henry A. Tenenbaum, Ph.D. (PDF)

A letter from a Speaker's Bureau event.

Dear Dr. Henry Tenenbaum,

I would first like to tell you how much I appreciate you coming and speaking to my class. Secondly I think you telling your parents story is such a great thing. You opened my eyes to how close some people were to getting caught and how lucky some people were to flee the country.

Learning about how your parents fell in love and outran Hitler's attempts was heartwarming. While visiting the Holocaust Museum I awaited the moment we got to see your father's ring. When I approached it, I got goose bumps. I thought of your story, their escape, the displacement camp, it all went racing through my mind.

I cannot begin to tell how your story has touched me and truly opened my eyes. I hope you continue telling your parents story to people for a long time.

Thank you, again.


Courtney Williams


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