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Healing Old Wounds,  My Trip To Borken, Germany

Life In The Darkenss - Eight Page article by Herbet Klaber (PDF)

Story Of The Klaber Family - Six Page article by Herbet Klaber (PDF)

Follow up information on the story provided by author Jan Braakman of the Netherlands.

Neil Klaber - Presentation to Mcintosh Middle School

One is the last letter from my Grandparents to my father, who died of starvation in Terezin, and then my grandmother was sent to Auschiwz to be exterminated.   

last letter

From left to right, My father Herbert Klaber, brother Erich, Mother Regina, Father Max, brother Willi, and business employee.  

Kaber house

The Siblings Photo Taken around 1932. From top left, clockwise, Brother Willi, Sister Erna, Brother Albert, sister Betty, Herbert Klaber, and brother Erich. Albert and Betty were killed. Willi and Erich escaped to America before the war. Erna survived Westerbork, a camp in Holland and Herbert went into hiding.   


My grandfather Max, with siblings and father and mother.

Max Kramer and siblings



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