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Yom Hashoah May 2011Yom Hashoah - May 1st 2011

On Sunday May 1 the Jewish community of Sarasota Manatee gathered at Temple Sinai for a memorial service for Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance day.

The Community Yom Hashoah Observance was most powerful and heart wrenching. WE WERE ABLE TO ASSURE THAT THE MESSAGE OF Zachor- the command to remember – lives on.

I have attended many Yom hashoah services in Sarasota. This was by far the most meaningful I ever attended. We started with six survivors telling their stories in the holocaust. We had some wonderful music and singing by two cantors and the Jewish chorale. The most important part came when Dr. Helen Fagin passed the torch to the Generation After group - Children of the survivors. They all read parts of holocaust literature. I as a survivor was totally touched. In conclusion rabbis Huntting and Glickman also read.

Finally we said kadish for the six million that we lost. Toda Rabba to Rabbi Huntting for his outstanding support, leadership and creativity, as well as Hazaan Abramson and Hazaan Nathanson, whose voices reached the gates of heavens.

Many thanks to the members of Generation After and our Holocaust survivors for taking part in this important program.

We hope that this model would serve as an example for Sarasota's future Yom Hashoah observances - as a remembrance, as an inspirational memorial, with human and spiritual content.

Paul Molnar
Holocaust Survivor

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