Generations After

The Legacy

Helen FaginWe, the surviving victims of the Holocaust, bequeath to you, our legacy born of suffering, pain dehumanization, and the loss of our loved ones, in hopes that from this depth of darkness a new light will emerge in your world: a light of hope, of peace, of tolerance, and of understanding.

We, who are the last witnesses of the evil that was the Holocaust, implore you, the new generations, and through you, the entire civilized world, to erase all prejudices dividing nations, communities, cultures and religions, so that your children and your children's children could live out their lives and fulfill their hopes and their dreams without fear of persecution of any kind.

We pass to you the symbolic torch that carries the flame of responsibility and of obligation for vouch saving integrity, justice, reverence for life and human dignity for all men, women, and children of the world.

This is our legacy and a fitting fulfillment for the meaning of our survival.


Helen N. Fagin (pictured to the right with the Goldie Feldman Academy Chorus)
Holocaust Survivor


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