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My problem is that my father never spoke about his experience until I was 37 yrs old and then it was sketchy.

My mother was 8 years old when she went into the camps and escaped in her fourth year. Both parents were on work duty. Both parents were in  about 4 camps.

My mother escaped in her 4th year in one of the camps and went to the city to live with a german family. She said she was a German orphan. When she went to the bathroom in this family's home she ripped offf the yellow jewish star on her apparel and threw it down the toilet. They must have known she was was Jewish because, although the Star of David had been removed, one could see the outline on the remnants of her clothing. These German people housed her until the end of the war when her father hired a private detective to seek her out.

Her father, my grandfather was very resourceful and survived the camps but lost his wife and other children.









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